Website Audit

A well-researched strategy sets you up for success. Measure twice, cut once.

A technical Website Audit provides you with the opportunity to review your digital strategy, determine how you can drive more users to your website, and how you can convert more of those users into paying customers. 

At its most basic level, your Digital Strategy consists of two things:

  1. The tools and tactics used to bring users to your website
  2. Your website and its ability to convert site visitors into customers.

Our audits review these two areas to determine what you’re doing well and what needs to change in order to help you improve your results online. 

Tools and Tactics to Bring Users to Your Website.

What is a Digital Marketing Audit? 

A digital marketing audit is a review of all the tools and tactics that are used to bring users to your website. Google tools typically include:

  • Search Console
  • Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads

What is a Social Strategy Audit?

A Social Strategy Audit takes a look at your social network strategy and determines if you’re connecting with the right audiences and converting these audiences to customers effectively. Tools include networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin

What is a Brand Review?

A Brand Review provides a brief audit of your Branding Guidelines, checks for completeness and ensures your digital marketing strategy and social strategy are in alignment with your brand.

Error Resolution: Digital Marketing

Following our digital marketing audits, many of our clients begin a digital marketing program with our team. We ensure you’re driving the right audiences and set up conversion tracking to capture and improve your results. We can help if you’re ready to improve your inbound traffic!

Your Website and Its Ability to Convert Users into Customers.

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a complete analysis of everything related to your website’s search visibility, design and conversions. Our detailed audits provide insights into why your website is not generating traffic and/or why your online sales and conversions are not improving.

We use specialized tools and industry experience to audit your website for proper design, structure and performance. Upon audit completion, you receive a detailed report which outlines a road map for improving your search visibility,  increasing the performance of your website and optimizing conversion rates.

Website Audit for Crocodile Baby: User flow diagram and feature prioritization list for a UI & UX study

We put Ourselves in Your Users Shoes.

Traditional designers have had a tendency to build websites for themselves. Designs should be data-driven and created for your users. Our technical site audits detail how your website stacks up against your key competitor’s websites. We consider your target audience and your business & marketing goals.

Digital Marketing & User Acquisition Audit

Are you attracting the right audience to your website at the right time to achieve your goals?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Search Result Optimization and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Pay Per Click Advertising are tactics used to drive users to your website from search engines. We review your traffic and determine how users arrive at your website and what they do once they arrive. This process tells us if your traffic is qualified, or if campaigns need to be modified to bring in qualified traffic.

Content Audit

When a user is directed to your website via a campaign or search are they completing goals? We review your content on key pages to determine if your content is delivering the right message.

Technical Website Design Audit

Good design makes navigating your website simple and provides stunning visuals to your customers. Great design is built for your users and drives conversion. Our team uses data and solid research to support the user journey and drive goal completions.

Website Structure Audit

Your website is judged harshly by search engines and users alike. If your website is not following standards or written in semantic code, you can expect it to affect traffic and conversion rates.

Website Performance Audit

Users are notoriously impatient! Users will abandon slow websites, and go in search of speedy service. Performance is critical to keep users on your website, and engaged in their user journey.

Automated Audit Error Resolution

Do you have poor results in GT Metrix? Have you run an automated site audit, but you don’t know what do to next? “What does poor performance mean?”, “The automated site audit says I have accessibility errors?”, “How do I improve my conversion rate?”, “How do I Improve My Page Speed Score?” – We have heard it all! 

We can help you make sense of those automated audits!

Error Resolution: Conversion Rate Optimization

We don’t leave you empty-handed at the end of our website audits. We provide you with real strategies to resolve issues and bring your site back to good standing. It is typical that following our Website Audit’s we are asked by our clients to resolve the errors we found with our Conversion Rate Optimization service.

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