Website Audits

A well-researched project sets you up for success. Measure twice, cut once.

A website audit provides you with a snapshot of how your website stacks up compared to the current web development standards. When performing the audit we consider your target audience, your competitors, and your business & marketing goals.

We use the right tools and good old fashioned know-how to audit your website for proper design, structure and performance. 

Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Search Result Optimization and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Pay Per Click Advertising are tactics used to drive users to your website from search engines. We review how your strategy stacks up against 3 key competitors. We uncover strategies your competitors are utilizing and provide a strategy for you to compete. 

Website Design

Good design makes navigating your website simple and provides stunning visuals to your customers. A great design is built for your users and drives conversion. Our team is driven by good data and solid research. If we suggest you move an image one pixel to the left – you can bet we have the data to tell you why! 

Website Structure

Your website is judged harshly by search engines and users alike. If your website is not following standards, you can expect it to affect traffic and conversions.

Usability, accessibility, mobile optimization, image optimization, code validation, link analysis…

Is your website set up to help you succeed? We can help you find out!

Website Performance

Users are notoriously impatient! Users will abandon slow websites, and go in search of speedy service. Performance is critical to keep users on your website, and engaged in their user journey.

Error Resolution & Strategy

We don’t leave you empty-handed at the end of our audits. We provide you with real strategies to resolve issues and bring your site back to good standing. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions can be a simple as signing up for a mailing list, or as complex as purchasing related products through the website.

Conversion rate optimization is measured by your ability to drive users to your website, and your website’s ability to convert users into customers

Good consultation provides you with actionable items to maximize performance and conversion. We’re here to support you every step of the way!


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