Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package

Great hosting & great support to ensure your website is speedy and secure.

Want great WordPress support? We take care of maintenance and hosting with our monthly WordPress maintenance package. You’re in great hands with Hammerhead!

Why Host Your WordPress Website with Hammerhead?

Solid, secure hosting is the safest and most foolproof way to ensure that your site is secure, and running smoothly. It also means that if your site ever has an outage, our team has the essentials, thanks to daily site backups, to fix the problem without having to scramble to find the latest working copies.

In the unlikely event that your site gets hacked, we are here to get you back up and running quickly. We clean up the damage, and get the site back to a stable condition, at no additional cost. With our monthly WordPress maintenance, you can rest easy. Leave the tough stuff to us! We are here to help!

We are Cost-Effective and Proactive with Monthly WordPress Maintenance.

You’re going to save money and be able to allocate more of your annual budget to innovation with us. We built a managed hosting & security maintenance package because we didn’t like that businesses were spending 75%-95% of their annual budget on maintenance. Your website needs to change to meet the growing needs of your customers. Routine maintenance is built into our hosting package to keep your website up-to-date and secure. Preventative security maintenance means that your website is ready for innovation when you are.

What’s Included?

Managed WordPress Hosting Managed Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package

Looking for managed WordPress hosting? Our service is CMS-specific and optimized to run high-performance WordPress websites. A CMS-specific server ensures your website is designed to perform as intended and is secure starting at the server level. We offer a high level of support, service & reliability, our sole focus is WordPress Hosting.

Plugin & Core Updates

We take security seriously, it’s our job to make sure that your WordPress sites are safe. We keep your core and licensed plugins up-to-date and secure to ensure we are preventing any known exploits.*

Plugin Licenses

If you develop your website and host with us, you have access to our agency licenses for select pro plugins!

Elite Support

If you have any issues or questions, we can help you find a solution.  We take great pride in our level of support & feel that our knowledge and care is what sets us apart from any other agency.

Security & Hack Prevention

We secure your installation and keep it secured for as long as it’s on our servers! We use several layers of firewall protection, both hardware & software-based, to protect your site from hackers, bots, malware, and viruses.

In the unlikely event that your site becomes compromised, we clean up the damage, and get the site back to a stable condition, at no additional cost.

Daily Offsite Backups

The redundancy of your data is important in the event of catastrophic failure. We archive a minimum of 10 backups in 3 data centers located across Canada and offer backup restoration services if you want to roll back at any time!

SSL Included

Why pay extra? We include an SSL for free with our hosting package!

Staging Site Included

Want to test a new design? Curious about how new content will look on your website? No problem! Experiment with your development website before committing the change to the live website.

Canadian Privacy

We are 100% Canadian-owned and operated and compliant with Canadian privacy regulations and corporate governance.

All of our data centers are in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax)

Canadian Cloud Network

We provide multiple layers of caching and protect against hardware failures, DDoS attacks, and bursts of users visiting your site. This ensures your site stays online through almost any event!

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We offer a global content delivery network to all of our clients. This system reduces latency (reduced delivery time, or page load speeds, due to proximity from the server). Our CDN ensures that your users can access your website, at high speeds, regardless of where they are located.**

Supporting our Client’s Growth

We want to support your team and your project following launch. Adding Hosting & Maintenance to our service list was a no-brainer! We are here to help and provide consultation should you want to make a change or plan a future iteration. You’re well supported with Hammerhead!

*Any theme or plugins that cause the website to become unstable will not be updated and are exempt from this service. WooCommerce and related plugins are exempt from this service as major version updates tend to cause issues.
**this CDN is not compatible with websites that require JetPack or any other CDN. If another CDN is required for your website you will have to subscribe to the other service instead.

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