Digital Marketing

A data-driven digital marketing plan drives more users to your website - resulting in more online sales & conversions!

Digital marketing is important: more traffic generally means more conversions. This is the top of your digital sales funnel: our digital marketing services help you capture more leads.

Digital marketing, or ‘internet marketing’, is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of online marketing activities. At it’s most basic, we can break digital marketing down into two categories: Paid Advertising and Organic Optimization. These are the tactics you will use to drive visitors to your website.

Multichannel Marketing

Do you know where your customers are? More often then not, your customers are present in many online channels. That is where multichannel marketing comes into play; with activities Google Ads (Google Adwords), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. As marketers, we are presented with numerous opportunities to target and retarget potential customers to inform them about your product or service. 

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising consists of activities like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and display advertisements. Paid advertising provides us with another opportunity to deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time and puts you ahead of those who are not advertising.

We are experienced with Google Ads

We have worked with Google Ads as an Ad Publisher, and as an Ad Manager with Google Ad Manager. Whatever your need – we have you covered. 

Google Ads is for businesses that want to drive traffic and conversions with Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads or Shopping Ads. We can help you set up & monitor campaigns, and track conversions attributed to advertisements.  

Google Ad Manager is for content creators that want to place other businesses’ advertisements on their website and collect ad revenue. We can help you plan content marketing websites and set up Google Ad Manager as a revenue source on your website. 

We drive conversions with Facebook Business Manager

Social profiles provide your business with another opportunity to connect with your customers online. A strong social following is an indication that more potential customers may be present in these channels. We can help if you are considering making the move to paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram!

Organic Optimization

Organic Optimization consists of activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and local business & social profiles. It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. These optimizations help you rank in the unpaid sections of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Website Search Engine Optimization

Keywords, Backlinks, Website Performance, Accessibility… the list goes on and on! These items all play a role in your organic search engine ranking. Our full-service team reviews your website and tells you where your effort is best spent to improve your results.

What is Local Search and why is it important?

Question: What is a Local Search and how is it performed?
Answer: You have likely made a local search without thinking about it!

  • Local searches are made by users when they search for location-based answers.
  • Local search results are delivered by search engines when location features are enabled, or local suggestions are requested by the user.

This is more evident with the rise of the “Internet of Things”. Here are a few modern examples:

  • An apple user might ask Siri for “recommendations for accommodations in Vancouver
  • An Android user might say “OK, Google what is the highest-ranked Baby Store near me?”.

Local search connects your business to users in need of your products and services. Our team optimizes your website and digital assets for local search.

Social Strategy & Profiles

Instant connection, Brand recognition, Community presence: Social Media is becoming more and more important each day. New features mean businesses must stay up to date with how users are interacting with businesses online. Appointment schedulers, eCommerce, Live Chat – how can you improve the social experience for your users?

Digital Marketing activities not converting into more Leads & Sales?

Sometimes this is related to a misconfiguration in conversion tracking, other times it could mean you are sending the wrong message with your advertisements. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your digital marketing efforts at all but is related to poor performance or the design of your website. When it’s the latter, our conversion rate optimization services help you optimize your website for conversion. Whatever the case: we are here to help!

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