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What does your content look like at scale? Is it fragmented across many systems? At scale, your content needs to be served from one location. Whether you're at the enterprise-level or preparing to scale, we can help!

Businesses are building more software than ever before. modern websites, intranets, mobile apps, on-site, in-home and beyond.

All companies are now digital product companies.

All businesses are now digital product businesses.

Your customers are everywhere. You need to be present in multiple channels and ensure you’re sending a consistent message. It’s time to streamline communication with a single content source. Desktop, small screen or no screen – your content all comes from the same source with Contentful.

Contentful Content Management System.

Power Digital Experiences from a Single Content Source.

The Internet of Things has changed the marketing landscape for businesses and marketers. Content lives on every device, screen, gadget, and appliance – everything from the Google result on your smartphone to the billboard at Times Square. Contentful allows you to consolidate several different content management systems into one. As an API-first content platform, Contentful represents the ultimate in content portability. This nature allows administrators to develop and create content in one place and then publish it on any digital channel. Anywhere that content is displayed – Contentful delivers.

Superpower your Websites & Web Apps.

Performance is paramount in today’s digital world. Users will not wait for your website or web app to load. They will do their business with someone else. Users flow to the websites and web applications that provide the best user experience. It is proven that you will capture more conversions if your eCommerce web pages load quickly.

Historically websites and web apps have relied on content management systems and eCommerce systems like WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity, Shopify and Magento to build digital experiences. These systems lock your content in a silo and provide standard performance – at best. If you’re not working with a team of great developers, like Hammerhead, chances are good you’re providing your users with a sub-par user experience.

Contentful separates your content from the systems on the presentation layer (website, mobile app, etc). This allows developers to use the best-in-class development tools and frameworks for each digital product. If you want the ultimate in performance, you want Contentful.

Future-Proof your CMS with Contentful.

Migrations are expensive. Why replace your Content Management System every time you redevelop your website? By separating the content layer and the presentation layer you are saving yourself the cost of expensive CMS migrations, and entering your content & updating content in multiple systems.

With Contentful your content is not only suitable for any existing platform or device, it is also ready for whatever invention disrupts the digital space next.

William Courtney, Contentful

Contentful is Enterprise-Ready.

In legacy content management systems “Scale” meant additional web pages, an increase in users or the ability to add additional integrations. Contentful extends the term “Scale” to include other marketing channels, a new marketing frontier or emerging APIs. Contentful adapts to new opportunities as they appear.

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Connect with your Customers on Every Device and on Every Channel.

It’s time to streamline your communication and simplify your content management.

  • Contentful allows you to bring all of your content into one hub for easy, agile collaboration with multiple teams as you build and iterate multiple digital experiences
  • Structured content makes it easier for your digital teams to build experiences faster, automate changes and manage your digital assets at scale.
  • Contentful integrates with hundreds of tools to personalize and optimize experiences across all channels.

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