AODA Compliant Website Development

AODA Compliance ensures your website is accessible to everyone.

We create AODA compliant websites and tackle ongoing monitoring & error resolution. Compliance ensures the internet is accessible to everyone.

Introduction to AODA Compliance

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) is an Ontario law mandating that organizations must follow standards to become more accessible for people with disabilities. All levels of government, private sectors, and non-profits must comply with this legislation. The provincial goal is to be fully accessible by 2025. We can help ensure your website is AODA Compliant.

Who Must Comply with AODA Laws?

As of January 1, 2021, the AODA requires you to make all public websites accessible if you are either:

The organization that controls the website (either directly or through a contractual relationship) must meet the accessibility requirements. These requirements only apply to websites and web content published on a website after January 1, 2012.


WCAG 2.x is an internationally accepted standard for web accessibility developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international team of experts. These guidelines will improve the experience for everyone accessing your website. AODA compliance is based on WCAG guidelines.

Video Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

Why Hire an AODA Compliant Web Designer/Developer

Hiring a quality web developer ensures your website is built to current legal standards. Creating a compliant website will save you time, money and potential litigation down the line. An AODA compliant website drives more traffic, captures conversions from a more diverse audience and has the potential to build goodwill. A compliant website is also likely to rank higher on search results pages.

AODA Compliant WCAG 2.0 Website Development

WordPress and AODA Compliance

We prefer to use WordPress for websites that are required to be AODA compliant. WordPress aims to make the WordPress Admin and bundled themes fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant where possible. As an open-source system, WordPress is powered by a community of developers. This community is responsible for the WordPress core and the platform’s extensibility. Accessibility and inclusivity are very important to the WordPress community. The volume of AODA compliant plugins is unrivalled by any other platform. Out of the box, WordPress itself is AODA compliant. More information about WordPress accessibility coding standards is available here.

On-Going AODA Compliance Monitoring

Accessibility is a moving target. New accessibility issues become apparent as new technologies emerge, as you add new functionality & content to your website. For this reason, we have launched an ongoing accessibility compliance monitoring program. Enrollment in this program ensures you are alerted when your website is no longer achieving your compliance targets

We Can Help with AODA Website Development.

The web should be accessible to all. Let’s have a chat today to ensure your website is built to AODA compliant standards and remains accessible for all users.

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