Hammerhead’s task was to build a WordPress portfolio for a business that thrives in visual theatrics. We needed to create a website that simply gets this point across: If you want to produce impactful visual media without boundaries, you want to work with Freeride Entertainment.

Freeride Entertainment is legendary in the action film industry. Creating such legendary films as North of Nightfall, Distance Between Dreams and the New World Disorder Series. Freeride Entertainment is a content studio that blurs the lines between advertising and entertainment. The studio covers live events like the Redbull Rampage and produces promotional content for clients like Chevrolet, Under Armour and Samsung. Freeride’s work is epic.

Freeride Entertainment's WordPress Portfolio Website


Freeride’s award-winning artists developed concepts for this project. Artboards were sent to Hammerhead for feedback and implementation. These artboards provided us with thoughtful concepts for the key pages for the site. Our team reviewed these concepts, pushed for some data-driven changes, and moved to prototype the WordPress portfolio website.

Freeride Entertainment WordPress Portfolio Website Development Concepts

WordPress Portfolio Website Build

The Freeride Entertainment team is a joy to work with. They provide great concepts with baked-in strategies. They understand digital media and its job in achieving business and marking goals. Their team knows us, but still asked a familiar question: can you turn our concepts into working code?

We can build anything you want.*

Rory Mullin, Fearless Leader

*comical hubris implied.

We always have the same response when asked this question. “We can build anything you want”. This is always stated with a chuckle and implied hubris. We will tell you directly (and show you why) if something can’t or shouldn’t be done. We take pride in what we do, we’re meticulous, run tests and use collected data to improve our client’s results. We’re also practical about implementation, device limitation and expected results. We give it to you straight and stand by our work!

Freeride Entertainment WordPress Portfolio Website Development Implementation


WordPress Portfolios tend to have a very short development cycle. Content is typically the major blocker to launch. Content for portfolios typically comes from client work. This means the content is already available or can be quickly adapted to fit into the new design. Teams like Hammerhead and Freeride use agile or hybrid development methods to expedite development cycles. These methods ensure digital products launch quickly.

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