Georgia Auto Law requested a WordPress lead capture website to replace their ageing website. The focus of this project was to create an intuitive user experience that provides distressed users with quick answers. This, in turn, would generate qualified leads for Georgia Auto Law. with the vision in mind, we set our sights on a hard target: Collision to Consultation in Ten Minutes.

The Challenge

A car accident can be a life-changing and scary experience. Unfortunately, the car crash is only the beginning of the process. You must deal with a damaged vehicle, medical bills, and insurance claims issues all while trying to stay on your feet. Trying to take on the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve can be a daunting task. You do not have to go through it alone. Georgia Auto Law is here to help!

Providing support to accident victims when they need it most.

The Georgia Auto Law website design provides users with a stress-relieving experience and lays the foundation for the next steps of the process. This user experience was achieved through considerate information architecture and practical user interface design.

Collision to consultation in Ten Minutes.

A WordPress lead capture website for Georgia Auto Law

Our Approach

We needed to put ourselves in the shoes of the victim of an accident. Our design team needed to know how this user would feel, what he/she would be searching for, and what information they needed to feel secure and confident about the road ahead. We needed to understand how the user would interact with the website and what was required for the lead to convert.

Simple User Journeys

In the most simple form, there are two types of potential users visiting the Georgia Auto Law website: Ready to Buy users and Top-of-the-Funnel users.

Chat feature creates a website conversion point. Video introduces GAL's services and welcomes the user to the website

Ready-to-Buy users

The Ready-to-Buy user wants an expedited journey and immediate results. This type of user is attracted to the Free Case Evaluation features on the website. This user may use the Click to Call 24-hour helpline or use the Chat to a Representative feature. The path to conversion for this lead is fairly short relative to the Top-ofthe-Funnel user.

Top of the digital sales funnel on the WordPress lead generation website.

Top-of-the-Funnel users

The Top-of-the-Funnel user seeks information and will use the What Type of Accident Were You In or the Need Help website features. These users may also watch the Meet Us introductory video, visit the Support section, or read the Testimonials. This lead requires more nurturing to convert into a sale.

Services Rendered

Custom WordPress Lead Generation Development

We modernized content entry with a strong implementation of the Gutenberg Editor and used Advanced Custom Fields to simply content entry even further. This system allows administrators to focus on content entry without having to worry about styling the page.

Mobile and desktop designs for Georgia Auto Law's WordPress Lead Capture Website.

Website Lead Acquisition Features

The features of the website are structured to support the user journey and end with a strong conversion point that fulfills the user’s purpose for visiting the website.

Effective Use of Lead Generation Gravity Forms

The placement of conversion points is strategic. The location of these contact points needs to feel non-intrusive and arrive just in time. We achieved this by applying heat maps to the old website and getting a feel for when users are ready to convert. Great design creates an effortless experience for the user and provides conversion points at the optimal point of the user journey.

Interactive experience of the WordPress lead capture website we created for Georgia Auto Law.

Website Live Chat

Apex chat is persistent across the entire website and connects sales agents directly to warm leads instantly.

Click to Call & Click to Text

Your mobile device is always with you. It is a quick source of information when you need it most. We conceived this website from a mobile-first perspective to fulfill the user’s need for quick access to information on the go.

mobile lead generation tools on the GAL WordPress website
Users are greeted with a quick introduction to services and immediate options to connect via live chat, text or phone call.
Mobile menus and common user paths on the GAL Lead Acquisition website.
The mobile navigation presents the user with large buttons for simple navigation for all requests on one screen.

Local Landing Pages

It was evident from our early keyword research that local search was going to play a key role in driving traffic to the website. We supported this strategy with local landing pages.

The structure of this website intends to provide the right information to the right user and the right time in order to acquire leads. Users arriving via search are likely to land on a relevant local landing page, finding the answers they are looking for quickly and effectively.

Local landing pages provide destinations for users arriving via search.

Support Center

Top-of-the Funnel users with additional questions visit the Support Center. The purpose of this Knowledgebase is to provide answers to common questions. Familiar, non-intrusive conversion points are located on all pages for users that are ready to become clients.

Help Articles (Blog)

We included Help Articles (in place of a blog) to provide answers to common queries. Keyword research and internal data gathering are used to identify appropriate topics. This section provides an extensive library of lawyer-approved articles focused on personal injury and car accidents in the state of Georgia. This promotes a sense of goodwill and creates a level of trust between the business and the user.

Creating a WordPress Lead Capture Website

We started Hammerhead because we wanted to provide a higher level of service for our customers. Our websites achieve great results because they are data-driven: we do the research and determine how users interact with your website and what is required to convert them into customers. Upon launch, we set up website goals to measure the effectiveness of the design. We deliver all future iterations with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Let’s chat about how we can drive lead conversion with a high-performance WordPress website for your business today.