Tantra Fitness requested a WordPress landing page (or single-page website) to drive traffic for their Tantra Tutorials program. The page is simply there the convert leads and measures interest. Vimeo OTT provides the functionality for eCommerce and membership. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes simpler is better. Join us as we create a lightning-fast landing page designed to capture more leads and sales.

Design concepts for the Tantra Tutorials WordPress landing page.

WordPress Landing Page

OptimizePress provides the foundation for TantraTutorials.com. Most websites we create are “purpose-built” to achieve specific business goals. These goals by carefully reviewing user data, creating user journeys and optimizing website design and functionality for conversions. This project was different. The client required a single landing page to funnel users to a third-party membership and video hosting system. This simplicity permitted us to use OptimizePress, reducing programming time to launch quickly. OptimizePress is lightweight and purpose-built for landing pages. Our result was a lightning-fast landing page designed to capture more leads and sales.

Tantra Tutorials single-page WordPress website

VIMEO OTT Membership Tools

Vimeo OTT provides Tantra Tutorials with a strong platform for hosting their video library. The platform boasts the highest-quality viewing experience, no-effort tech, and insights from a long-time leader in video. Through this platform, Tantra Fitness sells subscriptions to their tutorial streaming service. If you’re looking to try something new, sign up for a Free 7 Day Trial with Tantra Tutorials today!

eCommerce & Membership with Vimeo OTT

Simple WordPress Landing Pages for your Business

Sometimes simpler is better! A simple WordPress landing page gives us a place to drive traffic, measure your success and identify areas for growth. Not sure what you need? Our experienced team can audit your existing website and help you define your digital strategy. Ready to create something new? We are here to help with UI & UX design, web development and choosing a content management system.

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