Designing a simple WordPress Content Marketing Website for the Fishing Community

Epic Waters Angling provides content for spey anglers and provides reports for fishing in northern British Columbia and Alaska. Spey angling is a method of fly fishing for anglers targeting fish on fast-moving river systems. This non-traditional method uses a two-handed casting technique that allows anglers two quickly and efficiently cover runs.

Mobile website design by Hammerhead, Vancouver's Strategic Web Design Company

The Challenge

Epic waters were utilizing an out-of-date Drupal system to produce and manage their content. The Epic Waters team needed a simple, modern system to support content marketing for their northern lodges.

The WordPress content marketing website Hammerhead developed for Epic Waters Angling.

Our Approach

Working closely with the Epic Waters team we designed a simple WordPress content marketing website to drive content production and capture leads for remarketing. The system also required a simple eCommerce system to support sales of flies, t-shirts, and promotional material.

Website development by by Hammerhead, Vancouver's Strategic Wed Design Company

Services Rendered

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Migration
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Digital Strategy

The existing Drupal website had great content, but limited visitors. Epic needed to find a way to drive users to the website. A review of their target audience revealed that many potential customers spent their time on Instagram when they were not on the river. Instagram provides these users with an opportunity to check productivity on northern river systems and plan for upcoming adventures. In order to drive traffic to the website, Epic Waters set up an Instagram profile to promote content and drive users to the site.

Once users complete reading an article they are prompted to join the mailing list. This feature ensures users are notified when a new post is published and provides users with a discount on upcoming lodge vacations. Users navigating to close the window are also prompted to join the mailing list.

Hammerhead Vancouver WordPress content marketing website design

WordPress Content Marketing Website Design & Development

The Epic Waters team had a good idea of what they wanted in mind. Our team took their rough wireframes and updated these to drive conversions and optimize for their audience segments. The result is a simple, mobile-first design that promotes easy reading for mobile users on the go.

Hosting & Maintenance

The Epic Waters website is just one of our many WordPress hosting & maintenance clients. This service allows the Epic Waters team to focus on fishing and producing high-quality web content, while we keep their website up-to-date and secure. The website is served from a high-performance WordPress specific webserver and delivered efficiently to users all over the globe with a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Collage for the Epic Waters Angling WordPress content marketing website.


We love working with clients that share our passions! The Epic Waters team is a group of professionals that can get you into fish in some of the most magnificent places in the world. Check out their new WordPress content marketing website, read up on the river and visit them up at one of their lodges today!

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