Can a website redesign improve our conversion rate? Citrus-O’s digital marketing team came to us because they were driving a large volume of qualified web traffic, but underperforming in conversion results. Together we explored how a modern website could help increase service bookings.

Citrus-O is a service-based carpet cleaning company located in Vancouver, BC. The company offers steam cleaning services for wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs, upholstery, leather, mattresses, cars and more. Their natural orange products are pet and family safe for home and the environment.

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The Challenge

Citrus-O’s website was no longer reflective of its brand, strategy and business goals for growth. The website was outdated, provided a poor user experience, and was not capturing online conversions. Additionally, we planned to add eCommerce to the website to sell a branded line of cleaning products.

Citrus-O website redesign

Driving Conversions with a Website Redesign

Our team began a deep-dive discovery phase comparing business and marketing goals to branding, raw data, analytics, heat maps, and competitive analyses. We reviewed existing digital marketing campaigns to determine user intent and what was required for users to convert.

Following discovery we:

  • exported all content (text, image), keyword and metadata
  • revised navigation to:
    • help users locate desired content
    • include location-specific pages for local search
    • convert users to customers and achieve goals
  • imported all data into the new structure
  • redirected old links to their new pages (to maintain search integrity)
  • shared wireframes to outline key design elements.
Citrus-O website wireframes
Upon approval of wireframes, we prototyped a data-driven design that would help convert users into customers. We also added eCommerce to provide users with a simple way to purchase Citrus-O cleaning products.

Web Redesign Results

Following the launch, we were happy to report that:

  1. the site is loading in a fraction of the time
  2. webmaster tools are no longer reporting server errors
  3. search engines are indexing key landing pages.

Location pages were indexed for the first time, and the client was appearing on the first page results for queries like “Victoria carpet cleaning” and “Kamloops carpet cleaning”. Prior to launch, the client was not ranking for these at all. We had achieved our web redesign goals by capturing more organic traffic, improving conversion rates and driving more sales.

Citrus-O eCommerce website

After the redesign, organic search traffic grew by 12% and phone call clicks went up by 20%.

During this time, the digital marketing plan was held consistent, which means that the increase in conversions was purely due to the redesign.
conversion rate optimization elements


Oftentimes we encounter well-thought-out digital marketing strategies that fall short of boosting conversion rates. The Citrus-o project is an excellent example of the positive change website redesign can have on conversions. Through the process of identifying user groups, understanding needs, and designing an interface to create a simple journey, we were able to funnel more users to the site and increase conversions.

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