Kunik came to us with an existing WordPress website and a refreshing business concept. Their concept was to create a community for working parents and employers to help with the transition into parenthood. Subject matter experts would provide community members with coaching and tactics to balance profession and parenthood. Challenges came with growth and creating a digital strategy around the existing website. Kunik needed a senior development team to help with growth and design systems to capture leads. We decided that combining WordPress and Hubspot would help the Kunik team capture and follow up with leads.

Kunik's WordPress website main banner

For Employers

Kunik integrates into client businesses to provide support and coaching for parents and employers. Kunik provides employers with tools to help working parents excel at parenting and at work.

For Parents

Empowers working parents with community support and expert coaching. Kunik provides parents with the resources to successfully and productively meet these new challenges.

Kunik Website: A Marketing Website & Appointment Booking Tool

With start-ups, the first step is often to get a basic website up and make improvements as requirements become more technical. Having scaled beyond the initial proof-of-concept phase, Kunik was ready to add features to meet the growing requirements of its client base. Having bootstrapped the business from the ground up, Kunik had the vision but needed a senior development team to help with implementation.

A WordPress website with HubSpot integration.

Custom Website Programming

Prebuilt themes, like the OceanWP theme, allow individuals to get a basic web presence up without the need for a programming team. When you reach the limits of the basic theme you will have to learn to customize the theme or hire a programmer to customize the theme for you.

Performance Consideration

Prebuilt themes try to appeal to a wide audience to maximize installs. For this reason, they also tend to be bloated with superfluous design features. Consequently, performance has been problematic with these themes. We decided that the website performance was good enough after migrating to our hosting platform and setting up the cache.

Lead Form Submission, HubSpot Integration and Goal Tracking

The website theme came with a very basic contact form. The need for a robust lead capture tool emerged as client requests began to diversify. We used Gravity Forms to replace the existing contact forms and Google Tag Manager was added to track conversions.

Simple HubSpot Appointment Page and CRM Integration

HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management suite provides an inbound sales system for businesses looking to improve online conversions. Sales automation has allowed Kunik to move potential customers through a digital sales pipeline to convert website users into paying customers much more efficiently.

WordPress and HubSpot Integration website planning

Kunik Pods: Community Building Web App

Kunik Pods is a matchmaking service that aims to connect working parents and manage homeschooling schedules. The concept was put to the test when schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WordPress and HubSpot Web App

How it Works

Users fill out a brief registration form and the system adds the user to a “Pod”. Pods are groups of students that are within the same age bracket and live in close proximity. A teacher or a parent hosts the pod and provides education for the day.

Within the system, administrators are able to view and update Pods based on set criteria. Administrators can set flags to make sure students are not grouped into the same Pod, set maximum Pod sizes, or split large Pods into smaller geographic regions.

The simple web application is built on WordPress and uses Gravity Forms to send community information to HubSpot. HubSpot is used to connect with specific Pods or all the Pods in a single email blast.

Capture More Leads with WordPress & HubSpot

A well-planned WordPress website with HubSpot integration provides a great digital sales system for growing businesses. Let’s have a chat if you are considering WordPress & HubSpot for your next project!