Something Pretty‘s Shopify eCommerce website started with a website audit and digital strategy consultation. We immediately identified that this client had the tenacity, and the vision to grow their boutique shop into something big.

Drive Leads & Sales with Social

Something Pretty had created the potential to drive a consistent flow of traffic to its website through organic social. 3.5K Instagram and 4.5K Facebook followers routinely visited the website, linked from posts on the company’s social profiles. Unfortunately, these website visits were not resulting in conversions. The existing website suffered from poor performance and structure, leading to frustrated users and poor brand experiences.

Something Pretty Social Following Metrics

Paid Social Marketing paired with a Shopify eCommerce Website

Marketing systems are becoming more sophisticated and allow digital marketers to target highly niche audiences with paid media. We can now create specific audiences to drive qualified traffic, which is more likely to convert.

“Lookalike audiences” allow marketers to expand their reach. These audiences share characteristics with a group of users that are already resulting in conversions. We can set budget allocation rules for acquisition, remarketing and loyalty programs to ensure spending is appropriate for each audience.

Shopify integrates with many social platforms and provides great landing pages for paid social strategies. As a result, Shopify has become an eCommerce titan for businesses with a strong social following.

Something Pretty Shopify eCommerce Website

Digital Transformation allowed Something Pretty to Thrive During the Pandemic.

Something Pretty sales were historically led by their brick-and-mortar location. As fear and lockdowns slowed the flow of foot traffic, the business faced some difficult decisions. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Something Pretty closed its brick-and-mortar location for two months. This gave the business time to make appropriate changes to keep their in-store customers safe.

For many retail stores closing their doors has not been a viable option. A slowdown in cash flow means the death of the business. Something Pretty online sales ensured the business remained profitable through this all. The Shopify store has helped the business grow beyond its Penticton, BC roots to find customers across Canada and the United States.

Something Pretty Shopify eCommerce

We Built an Award-Winning Shopify eCommerce Website.

We were honoured to receive the bronze medal in the “Best Local Website” category for this website. It has long been our policy to avoid website awards. These “contests” typically require membership, purchase or are in some way bought. This one came for free and as a complete surprise to us. Thank you to the NOW for this nod – we truly appreciate the pat on the back!

2020 Winner for Best Local Website goes to Hammerhead
Hammerhead's Award Winning Shopify Website

Improve Your Online Sales with Shopify eCommerce!

A strong social strategy paired with a Shopify eCommerce website can shepherd product-marketing businesses through the pandemic. This model also provides proof of concept for businesses looking to shift their sales to digital. Let’s have a chat if you are considering Shopify for your next project!