Having been burnt by a poor digital marketing strategy in the past, Citrus-O was skeptical when moving into ongoing services with a new agency. We earned Citrus-O’s trust by taking a pragmatic approach to website redevelopment that resulted in a 12% increase in organic traffic and a 20% increase in conversions. The redesign project allowed us to begin collecting data before moving into a monthly digital marketing program. We immediately implemented a conversion-focused paid advertising campaign and reduced wasted ad spend. In just two years we have moved the business from 846 monthly conversions to 4,139. Here’s how we did it.

Website Audit

Just over three years ago we rebuilt the Citrus-O website. At this time we explored our client’s analytics setup and determined how users reached the website. We set up heat mapping and filled in the blanks that the current analytics setup was missing. We determined that the current website was underserving the users and there was an opportunity for the client to improve the client’s conversion results. Following the launch of the new website, organic search traffic grew by 12% and phone call clicks went up by 20%. The following year Citrus-O asked us to take over their ongoing digital marketing services as well.

Smart Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing helped Citrus-O increase conversions by 389%

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

A Digital Strategy is a plan that defines how you will use technology to achieve your business & marketing objectives. A digital strategy outlines your social networks, advertising platforms, website and integrations.

A Digital Marketing Strategy is used to drive qualified traffic into your digital sales funnel. With one year of data under our belt following the website redevelopment project, we had most of what we needed to plan our digital marketing strategy.

Audience Study

Who is your target audience? The data might surprise you! We reviewed analytics data, review data and the client’s CRM data to determine exactly who was using their services. We determined a primary and secondary consumer and created a sales journey for both audiences.

Inbound Sales Traffic Strategy

We found that Citrus-O’s primary audiences use different keywords and have very different search intents while researching carpet cleaning products and services. One user group takes a more methodical approach to research, while the other wants a proven service team on site immediately.

For group one we designed a few different strategies. Let’s call this group “Top of the Funnel Users“. Top of the Funnel Users requires more reassurance before making a purchase decision. This user group locates blog articles with specific long-tail keyword searches. A blog strategy was derived to bring users to the website. Conversion metrics were less important for this group. Our strategy with this user group was to bring users to the website and provide them with answers. These users were used to help boost domain authority and improve our client’s organic search results and boost their search visibility.

Group two was our primary focus for conversions. These users are known as “Ready to Buy Users”. These users wanted immediate results from experts. For these users, we focused on providing the right solution at the right time.

Smart Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing helped Citrus-O increase conversions by 389%

Over the years I’ve worked with many marketing companies. Hammerhead is just simply the best one I’ve used. It’s like working with a family-run business that you’re a part of! Great people, great results.

Mark Filiatrault

Founder, Citrus-O

Paid Digital Marketing Program

Moving from Clicks Based Campaigns to Conversions Focused Campaigns

Our first move was to set up conversion tracking when we took over the digital marketing program for Citrus-O. We did this for both Google Ads and Facebook (now Meta) Ads. Historically Citrus-O had run campaigns focused on clicks. Historically this had been a great strategy and helped with brand recognition. We leveraged this familiarity with a branded conversion campaign.

Google Data Studio metrics A 389% Increase in Conversions with Digital Marketing Strategy

Meta Ads & Google Ads Campaign Refinement

We focused our paid strategies on acquisition and retargeting. Our Audience Study provided a very thorough understanding of our primary audiences and allowed us to create lookalike audiences for acquiring new customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Converting Ready to Buy Users

Our digital marketing strategy for converting Ready to Buy Users is centred around Citrus-O’s services. We used search campaigns to target highly targeted keywords and judiciously removed underperforming keywords to enhance campaign results. Budgets were set strategically and juggled based on performance and seasonality.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Converting Top of the Funnel Users

We converted these users with longer retargeting strategies. These users were targeted across the display network and were retargeted. We created several display campaigns and focused on what we knew about search intent to convert these users.

Mobile Conversion End Point for citrus-O's Digital Marketing Strategy

Hosting & Security Maintenance

Our hosting & security maintenance program allows us to keep a close eye on our client’s website. High-performance hosting and routine security maintenance provide your users with a good experience.

Performance Budget & Conversion Rate Optimization

Expectations change quickly online. What was acceptable to users 6 months ago, might not be sufficient to them today. Establishing a performance budget allows your development team to keep an eye on your online assets and monitor their KPIs like page load times and changing accessibility requirements. Proactive development ensures you are keeping up with trends & user expectations. On-going performance improvements keep your conversions up!

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy & Drive Conversions

If you want to improve your results you must first measure the right metrics. Our team of digital experts sets up conversion tracking and works pragmatically to use your marketing budget wisely. We create smart funnels and measure KPIs important to your business & marketing goals. Our strategies achieve sustainable growth.

We are here to extend your capabilities. Let’s partner today to improve your results!