Is your website not secure? Are you seeing a “Not Secure” or “Your connection to this site is not secure” warning in Google Chrome? The good news is that the fix is often quick and cost-effective. Here’s what you need to know!

My Website is Not Secure. What does this mean?

Google, like many web browsers, is doing its part to keep its users safe online. Fraudulent websites, phishing schemes, hacking, data breaches and cyberattacks are becoming more common. User information is more vulnerable than ever. The security notification is a signal to users that your website is operating below the standards of modern website security.

What is a TLS or SSL Certificate?

A TLS Certificate (formerly SSL Certificate) is a digital document that allows a web browser to create a secure (encrypted) connection between your computer and a website. This document allows communication on a secure protocol known as HTTPS.

Why do I need a TLS /SSL Certificate?

There are several very important reasons why you need a TLS/SSL Certificate:

  1. Users Will Abandon Your Website: Users are alerted by their web browser when they navigate to your website that your website is not secure. This is often enough for users to navigate away from your website and not return. This has a very immediate negative impact on your website traffic and website conversions.
  2. Search Engines Penalize Sites That Are not Secure: Organic search ranking is increasingly harder to achieve. Websites operating without a TLS/SSL Certificate will drop in search rankings. A “Not Secure” website will decrease inbound traffic from search engines.
  3. Your Site is Target to Hackers: Hackers use every advantage they can to access your website and steal important information. Keep your users and your business safe! Invest in a TLS/SSL Certificate.

What Does It Cost to Set Up a TLS/SSL Certificate?

A TLS/SSL Certificate is typically set up by your website developer or website host. It is usually fairly inexpensive to set up and has a positive impact on your website’s search ranking. Customers on our Monthly Hosting & Maintenace Packages are provided with a TLS/SSL certificate free of charge. We are also happy to set up your certificate on your existing server if you wish to remain with your current hosting provider.

We Can Help if you are seeing the Website Not Secure alert!

Not sure if your website has a TLS/SSL Certificate? Here’s how to check! We’re always happy to help. Contact us today if you need a hand with website security or set up your certificate.