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Computer screen that reads Update your Website Content and BOOST your 1st Page Results

Update your Website Content and BOOST your 1st Page Results

Writing content for a page or post takes a lot of time but it can provide your website with a nice boost in traffic. Left unattended you’ll watch your once epic article fail to drive the traffic it once did. The good news is that if you update your website content you will increase relevancy, …

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Now is the time for Digital Marketing

Now is the Time for Digital Marketing

In this article, we talk about digital marketing, explore recent events and tell you why a strong digital presence is becoming more and more important with each passing day.  People have Shifted their Spending Online. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to us that you cannot afford to neglect digital sales channels any longer. The data was …

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GA4 the Future of Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4: The Replacement for Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics. In recent years we have seen a massive shift in user perceptions about data tracking. Major shifts in consumer behaviour, evolving technology and user expectations have created the requirement for better analytics tools. GA4 is a new kind of analytics property that is designed …

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