Subscription-based businesses have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do they provide a steady stream of income for business owners, but they also offer convenience and simplicity for customers. If you are curious about the best ways to create a recurring income with WooCommerce this article is for you.

For us, it has always been integral to our agency’s culture to help our clients increase the monthly revenue of their online stores. More often than not this is achieved through digital marketing programs, and conversion rate optimization paired with traditional products and services. As part of our digital strategy services, we have also helped our clients re-envision their offerings as subscription services. This type of product restructuring has helped our clients stabilize cash flow and achieve their growth targets. In this article, we explore our approaches to subscriptions using WooCommerce.

Quick FAQs About WooCommerce Subscriptions

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Recurring Income with WooCommerce Subscriptions in Practice.

Our client Keystone Financial uses the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. This plugin allows their customers to subscribe to their services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

WooCommerce Subscriptions on Keystone Financial’s Keystocks Website

On the Keystocks website, we created a heavily customized subscription landing page to simplify a complex purchase decision into a few simple steps. In the backend subscriptions are automatically created, allowing the Keystone team to focus on their services, rather than website administration. We have added a quick video of the functionality below, but it’s worth your time to explore the website as well! This build is jammed packed with special features you don’t see anywhere else. Check out the full Keystocks Custom WooCommerce case study here!

The Become a Client subscription page on

We also used subscription products on the Pacific Rim College Online project. We won’t dive too deep into this one, because the use of subscriptions is subtle, but we created subscription products for users that opt for a payment plan on certificate programs. This was an easy workaround to make payments a little easier for students.

Capture Residual Revenue with Recurring Payments

If you’re looking to start your own subscription-based business, WooCommerce is a great platform to use. Interested in taking eCommerce to the next level? Let’s chat today! We create digital strategies to help our clients improve recurring revenue and achieve their sales targets!