What Is More Important: A Qualified Website Traffic or a Conversion-Optimized Website? To make sure we are on the same page let’s start with a few definitions…

Qualified Traffic: Advertising has come a long way in the past few years. Our focus is no longer on driving a wide array of users to a website and converting a small portion of them. We can now drive specific audiences with a higher probability of conversion.

Conversion-Optimized Website: A conversion-optimized website is engaging and performs well on all devices and networks. Your website should provide a pleasant experience while effectively helping the user complete an online goal.

So Qualified Website Traffic or a Conversion Optimized Website?

You need both. Here’s why:

Why is Qualified Website Traffic Important?

A Conversion-Optimized website will convert website visitors into leads and sales, but if no one is visiting your website there will be no one to convert. Using paid advertising strategies to drive qualified traffic to your website fills your digital sales funnel.

Why is a Conversion-Optimized Website Important?

Qualified website traffic drives potential customers to your website, however, if your website is not optimized for conversion you’re missing out on sales. Remember, users are fickle. A poor user experience might turn a potential customer off your brand entirely.

What If There is No Budget for Paid Advertising?

Be Social: Play an active role on social networks and online communities where your potential customers are present. Answer questions users have about your products and services. Create opportunities to drive traffic to landing pages on your website.

Be Informative: Create a blog. Write articles that are relevant to your target audience and will showcase your products and services to potential customers. Optimize this content to rank organically for more opportunities to be found online. Remember to share your content on social!

What If There is Some Budget for Paid Advertising?

Invest your time and budget wisely!

Time: Increase Your Social Presence.

When some budget is available, smart marketers will offset the decrease in paid advertising with an increased presence on social networks. Keep in mind that users are here to learn something new or to be entertained. Stand out from the competition by creating experiences that lead to discovery, foster connection and provide an enjoyable user experience. Play an active role by adding to the conversion: create or share content that is interesting to your target audience. Be patient, organic social strategies typically have a much longer timeline for growth but will lead to success online

Budget: Use Performance-Based Marketing Techniques and Target Users with a Higher Probability of Conversion.

Clicks may drive users to your website and build brand awareness, however, these clicks will only partially translate into conversions. After all, it’s a sales funnel, not a sales pipeline. You should be tracking website goals and using conversion-based advertising optimizations to reduce wasted ad spend.

Performance-Based Marketing & Goal Tracking

Performance-based marketing is a form of advertising in which the advertiser pays only when there are measurable results. To use performance-based techniques, you need some method of tracking conversions. This might mean setting up goals in Google Analytics and using tracking pixels to attribute a goal completion to a specific event. In Affiliate marketing conversions may use a promo code to attribute a sale to a specific Influencer.

Use Remarketing to Drive Qualified Traffic

If you have ever seen a display advertisement and thought “hey I was just looking at that on another website”, you are experiencing remarketing. This approach is commonly used because a user that has previously visited a website or browsed specific products or services, is more likely to convert in the future. If you do not have tracking pixels installed on your website, do this now!

Loyalty Programs Drive Repeat Customers

Happy customers are a great way to drive repeat business. We use loyalty programs to extend offers to customers that have previously made a transaction. Try offering a limited-time promotion or a special perk to say thanks and capture a repeat sale. Tactics include display advertising, email marketing, text alerts and other forms of direct marketing.

What if you have a Healthy Budget for Paid Advertising

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While you now know how qualified traffic and a conversion-optimized website work together to improve your online success, you probably still have a few questions about the details. No problem, we’re here to help! Let’s have a chat about how we can help you drive more qualified leads and capture more online sales today!