There’s a pandemic raging out there and your outdated website is doing you no favours. Sales have slowed and your business is suffering. Past customers are now making their purchases online, and your website is not where they’re shopping. As a result, you need to make critical decisions to improve digital results and put your business back on track.

We know that a huge number of people are now doing their product & service research online. Every day these same people are doing more and more of their shopping online. You need to provide these users with a speedy, modern digital experience to capture their business. We can help.

A Slow Website Will End Your Relationship with Your Client.

Users are fickle. You have only a few seconds to put a potential user on track to becoming a customer. If you do not you have lost the lifetime value of that potential customer.

Outdated websites create negative brand experiences. People who have a negative brand experiences are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand again.
Data kindly provided by Think with Google

Users will abandon your website for a competitor if your website loads too slowly. We offer website audits, page speed optimization and conversion optimization services to help you capture more leads and drive more sales online.

An Old Design Will Turn Away Your Audience.

Is an outdated website providing your users with a poor first impression of your brand? Probably. With more shoppers making their purchases online, a potential customer’s first interaction with your brand is likely digital. If your website is not up-to-date with the latest UI trends, you’re making users think too much and they will abandon your website.

We keep up to date with the latest trends and offer UI & UX Design Services to ensure you’re providing users with a familiar engaging experience.

Outdated websites provide poor User Experiences.
Insight kindly provided by Think with Google

A Lack of Personalization is Leaving Money on the Table.

Websites that offer relevant product recommendations, loyalty programs, and relevant promotions are more likely to capture more sales.

Personalization improves website conversion rates.
Data kindly provided by Think with Google

A study on personalization conducted in 2019 determined that:

  • 53% want the loyalty or rewards programs they’re a part of to activate automatically at checkout.
  • 49% want to receive promotions or deals relevant to their past purchases.
  • 44% want a “wish list” where they can save items they’re interested in.

Our Digital Strategy, Web Development and eCommerce System services help you build personalization into your outdated website.

You Must Create and Share Engaging Content to Grow Your Audience.

Users come to your website because you have something to offer, they return because something has changed. If you are a thought leader; add content to educate your users. If you supply a product; release product updates. If you run an eCommerce store; add sale items and run promotions. If you follow these guidelines, and your offering is enticing enough, users will return, make purchases and help you grow your business.

If you haven’t created one yet: create a blog! Blog posts answer the questions your target audience has and provides valuable insight to your customers. An additional benefit is that a blog creates more opportunities to be found via search, providing a gateway for new users to find your website. We now offer Content Writing & Content Strategy services to help you create and share engaging content.

If you do not have a blog on your website, Our Web Development team is happy to design and create a blog to drive more traffic to your website.

Update Your Outdated Website or Get Hacked.

People and programs are going to try to gain access to your outdated website. Websites use programming languages, frameworks and systems to present your content to users. The more popular the language or framework, the more websites built on the system, or the wider your user base: The higher the payoff for an exploit. Website users abandon non-secure websites.

As your website ages, it becomes vulnerable. Hackers become familiar with updates, weaknesses are discovered in security and methods are developed to exploit. Developers release patches to address these issues with security to keep your website secure. The best defence you have against an exploit is using well-supported systems and keeping your website up-to-date.

Content Management System End-of-Life.

A well-built website, running on well-supported programming languages, frameworks and systems, provides you with a longer useful life. At some point, your website will reach the end of its useful life and need to be replaced or migrated to a new content management system. The end-of-life of your content management system is one of those points. End-of-life means that a system is no longer supported by its development team, and security patches are no longer developed. We support our clients through end-of-life with our Content Management & eCommerce Systems services

Maintenance is Stealing Your Innovation Budget.

Technology is constantly evolving. Users are buying more and more products on modern devices like Google Home, Smart Watches and Alexa. If you’re spending a larger portion of your marketing budget on updating the old, it’s time to replace your website. Client’s that replace their website with us often join our affordable Hosting & Security Maintenance program to ensure their annual growth budgets go to innovation and their website remains secure.

Innovation budgets allow you to improve your outdated website.
Innovation budgets provide room for your website to grow with technological change and user expectations.

It’s Time to Replace Your Outdated Website

Sooner or later the time will come when you must replace your website. No problem, we’re here to help! Let’s have a chat about how we allocate your budget strategically to achieve your business and marketing goals.