Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics. In recent years we have seen a massive shift in user perceptions about data tracking. Major shifts in consumer behaviour, evolving technology and user expectations have created the requirement for better analytics tools. GA4 is a new kind of analytics property that is designed to serve the modern web better than Universal Analytics.

Is Google Analytics 4 Replacing Universal Analytics?

Yes, GA4 is replacing Universal Analytics. Google Universal Analytics data will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023You should start preparing for the end-of-life of Universal Analytics now. This way you will have a history of rich data when it’s time to switch over.

Should I Upgrade to the new Analytics?

You shouldn’t necessarily switch your Google Ads campaigns to start working off of GA4 data yet. However, you should set up a new Google Analytics 4 property with goals/conversions tracking now. Keep a close eye on the data, improve your tracking as new features become standard and switch over to using GA4 when you’re getting good, consistent data. Test your new implementation thoroughly and continue to monitor your Google Ads Conversion results.

We’re happy to help if measuring website goals/conversions is a new concept for you. Head over to our Digital Strategy Development page to start your journey towards improved results!

Why Should I Upgrade to GA4?

GA4 is privacy-focused and tracks data reliably under evolving privacy laws and guidelines. It is intelligent and uses machine learning to provide insights into modern cross-platform and cross-device user journeys. GA4 features enhancements that allow digital marketers to optimize campaign performance to new levels and drive greater returns on investments. For more information read the Google Marketing Platform announcement here.

What Does the New System Cost?

Like Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 is free to use. There are no subscription fees for use of this analytics platform.

Can Hammerhead Help Me Set Up Google Analytics?

Absolutely! We love to help with digital marketing. Read about our monthly digital marketing program here or contact us today to start tracking Google Analytics data today!