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Increase Recurring Income with WooCommerce Subscriptions

How to Increase Recurring Income with WooCommerce Subscriptions

If you are curious about the best ways to create a recurring income with WooCommerce this article is for you. For us, it has always been integral to our agency’s culture to help our clients increase the monthly revenue of their online stores. More often than not this is achieved through digital marketing programs, and …

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Top Ecommerce Development Agencies in Vancouver

The Manifest Names Hammerhead as a Top eCommerce Development Firm in Vancouver

When trustworthy agencies are few and far between, Hammerhead is your digital agency. We are passionate about our client’s success. We work with clients who believe in what they do because success is inevitable when you combine expertise and passion with purpose. For this reason, we are proud to share a milestone we achieved this …

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Hammerhead named as a Top Web Design Digital Agency in British Columbia.

UpCity Names Hammerhead as a Top Web Design Digital Agency in British Columbia

The UpCity “Best of” Awards have returned after a successful inaugural year in 2021. To commemorate the top 50 B2B providers in each U.S. state and Canadian province, the UpCity “Best of” Award highlights the tremendous work being done by our partners and more in their local area.  Awards are given based on the UpCity …

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Now is the time for Digital Marketing

Now is the Time for Digital Marketing

In this article, we talk about digital marketing, explore recent events and tell you why a strong digital presence is becoming more and more important with each passing day.  People have Shifted their Spending Online. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to us that you cannot afford to neglect digital sales channels any longer. The data was …

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Google Ads Grants for Non-Profits

Google Ads Grants for Non-Profits

What are Google Ads Grants for Non-Profits? Are there free Google Ads for non-profits? Yes, there are! Google Ad grants provide each qualifying non-profit access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on  I volunteer with a few non-profits on conservation projects in British Columbia. While working away, the “what do …

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WCAG and ADA Compliance and Why it Matters to Everyone

WCAG Guidelines, ADA Compliance and Why It Matters to Everyone

Why does ADA and WCAG WCAG, ADA Compliance matter to everyone? Have you ever seen someone with a disability struggling with something that most take for granted? perhaps they are in a wheelchair, and the elevator isn’t working. Or they have a hearing impairment and an announcement begins updating passengers about a change to the …

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GA4 the Future of Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4: The Replacement for Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics. In recent years we have seen a massive shift in user perceptions about data tracking. Major shifts in consumer behaviour, evolving technology and user expectations have created the requirement for better analytics tools. GA4 is a new kind of analytics property that is designed …

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Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite in 2023: Pros & Cons

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows an administrator to run multiple websites on a single WordPress installation. Multisite networks are controlled by a “Super Admin“. This user is capable of creating websites and managing the websites users, plugins, & themes for the multisite network. Imagine all of this, managed from …

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